Acquisition Statement of Work

Statement of Work Template: It is expected that the proposed Statement of Work will be included as an appendix to the resulting procurement instrument. The Statement of Work, without restrictive marking, is your company`s confirmation that the Statement of Work cannot be disclosed as owner and in response to Access to Information Act (FOIA) requests. The format and content of the Statement of Work should contain at least the following information. If options are included, separate sections should be included to cover the work that will take place in the base and in each option period. The SOO is a document prepared by the government that sets out the fundamental and overarching objectives of the acquisition. It is provided in the application instead of a written statement of the government`s performance work. In this approach, contractors` proposals include their service descriptions and performance measures and measures (based on proposed solutions). The use of an SOO opens up a wider range of solutions subject to solutions for acquisition. There are two types of declarations of work used by government and industry. These two types are: A work breakdown structure (WBS) should be used in the development of the service description. A WBS provides the framework for a disciplined approach to structuring and defining the entire project or program.

When preparing the Statement of Work, a full application of a WBS may not be required for all programs, but the underlying philosophy and structured approach can and should be applied. The contract item number (CLIN) and service description must be designed to correlate with the WBS. The use of a WBS during the development of the Statement of Work facilitates the logical arrangement of the elements of the Statement of Work and provides a practical checklist for tracking all the necessary elements of the program and ensuring that they are addressed in the Statement of Work. [1] Now that we understand the differences between a SOW and a PWS, we need to decide which one to use in a particular acquisition. The decision to use depends on the requirement. If there is a specific procedure that needs to be performed to integrate it into a system or integrate it into other services, then a SERVICE DESCRIPTION may be appropriate. In this case, the contractor must follow the prescribed procedure and cannot deviate from it. If there is no specific procedure to follow, using a PWS usually leads to better results and often lower costs. It should include a set of relatively short statements that include the approach for each of the main objectives or objectives of the proposed research.

Statements should describe key tasks, systems, assessments and techniques and documents that represent reasonable estimates to test the proposed study hypothesis. It should include a calendar that shows the work instructions to be completed each year of the award. Any use and/or recruitment of animals from human subjects must be included. Allow at least 2 to 3 months for USAMRMC ORP regulatory review and approval procedures for human subjects and 2 to 3 months for animal subjects. To illustrate the differences, let`s take an example. Let`s say we have a requirement for site maintenance. If we were to use a statement of work, we would probably say that the grass needs to be mowed once a week and it needs to be watered every other day. For the entrepreneur to succeed, he should mow once a week, whether the grass is too high or not. In addition, the grass should be watered, whether it has rained recently or not.

If we were to include this requirement in a PWS, we could say that the grass must be 3 inches tall plus or minus 1 inch and the soil must have a certain level of hydration. In this case, the entrepreneur can innovate and measure the grass regularly and mow the grass only when it approaches 3 inches. They would also measure hydration and water only when the soil needs water. It can be seen that the use of a PWS can allow the entrepreneur to think and work only when it is necessary to achieve measurable goals. Before you ask yourself when to use a Statement of Work (SOW) or Statement of Performance Work (PWS), it`s a good idea to discuss what they are and what the differences are. The FAR does not define a statement of work, but it has been described as a document that describes the work that the contractor must perform and tells the contractor how to perform the work. A PWS, on the other hand, is defined in the FAR. According to far 2.101, “Performance Statement of Work means a performance statement for performance-based acquisitions that describes the required outcomes in clear, specific and objective terms with measurable results.” In other words, a PWS says what to do but doesn`t say how to do the job. This allows the entrepreneur to innovate to achieve the results required by the PWS. The Statement of Work is a project management tool that we will discuss at a high level and provide some examples of models from various DoD departments and some federal military support organizations.

The service description lays the foundation for your project. Not only does it define the scope of the project, results, costs and schedule, but a service description can also serve as a legal agreement between the client and the contractor. The Defense Pricing and Contracting Office (DPC; formerly Defense Pricing/Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy), which is responsible within the DoD for all pricing, contracting, and procurement policy matters, including e-commerce, defines a SOW as “the part of a contract that establishes and defines any non-specific requirements for the contractor`s efforts, either directly or by using certain documents cited”. 1.0 Scope. This section should generally describe the amount of work performed by the contractor. WBS is not often included for biomedical technology grants and contracts, but as the biomedical world becomes digitally connected and complex (similar to linear or non-medical systems/platforms), this type of framework can also help manage each element. WBS program levels must be linked to system requirements and match the product-based family tree. For each WBS element, the detailed technical objectives are defined and the scope of work is defined. Tasks are then assigned to each WBS element. The resources, materials and processes needed to achieve the goals are added gradually.

This relationship tracks all items to the same WBS items. Thus, the link between the requirements specification, WBS, SoW, the integrated master plan and the integrated master plan provides specific information on the relationship between cost, schedule and performance (see DoD WBS MIL STD 881D). Statement of Work (STATEMENT of Work): Download as “Statement of Work .pdf”. The proposed format of the Statement of Work and examples specific to the different types of research projects are available on the PABRA Funding Opportunities and Forms website. The Statement of Work describes and defines the performance expectations of the PI and an organization for the work that will be funded under this award. The DHS has defined overall objectives in a funding agreement. The description of the service in a contract sets out fairly precise objectives and conditions for each year of the contractual project. Pi and the Contractors are expected to comply with the provisions and milestones of the Statement of Work. The service description for all types of duties and functions is included in the procurement document and is therefore subject to authorization under the Access to Information Act. A Performance Statement of Work (EPW) is a performance statement for performance-based acquisitions that clearly describes the performance targets and standards expected by the contractor. The specifications must be in accordance with the proposed allocation to be calculated from the amount at the point of allocation.

In particular, the funds mentioned in the statement of work must be used for the correct purposes, within the statutory deadlines set by the Congress and within the limits of the amounts approved, approved and allocated to the programme. . The Office of Defense Pricing and Contracting (DPC; formerly Defense Pricing/Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy), which is responsible for all pricing, procurement, and procurement policy matters, including e-commerce, in the DoD, defines the following contractual terms: DarPA recently presented useful information on the preparation of SOW that apply to contracts for most DoD agencies: Below is a short list of soW tasks for a software project. For a more detailed list, see Sample Statement of Work. Statement of Work (STATEMENT of Work): Download as “Statement of Work .pdf”. The Statement of Work describes and sets out the performance expectations and milestones for which the USAMRMC can provide funding. The Statement of Work is included in the procurement document and, as such, is subject to authorization under the Access to Information Act. The Statement of Work should identify all cooperating research sites involved in conducting the research. The proposed formats for the specifications and examples specific to the different types of research projects are available on the eBRAP Funding Opportunities & Forms website.

Statement of Work (STATEMENT of Work) – The Statement of Work should include a detailed breakdown of tasks that specifies specific tasks and their relationship to intermediate milestones and program measures. Each phase of the programme must be defined separately. The service description must not contain any protected information….