Apple Service Terms and Conditions

3.4 Some states, provinces and jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or exclusions or limitations on the duration of implied warranties or conditions, so such limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. The express limited warranty gives you certain legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary by state, province or jurisdiction. 5.13 Subcontractors. Apple may subcontract to other service providers for the service of your product. 10. If you are not satisfied with our final response to your service request and would like to seek an alternative dispute resolution method, please contact the Retail Ombudsman ( to review your request. Apple has no obligation and does not intend to engage in alternative dispute resolution. 5.7 No changes to the Agreement. No Apple employee or agent has the authority to change the terms and conditions applicable to a transaction. 1.11.6 Disclosure of Unauthorized Changes. During the service ordering process, you must notify Apple of any unauthorized modification, repair or replacement of your Product by Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider (“PSAA”). Apple is not responsible for any damage to the Product that occurs during the repair process and is due to unauthorized modifications or repairs or replacements not performed by Apple or a PSAA.

In the event of damage, Apple will seek your approval for any additional costs related to performing the service, even if the product is covered by an AppleCare warranty or service plan. If you refuse permission, Apple will not be able to return your product in damaged condition without any liability. Policies and terms that apply to Apple Online Services, including Apple Media Services, iCloud, and our Privacy Policy. One. As part of a data transfer service, Apple will erase all data from the original device, whether or not Apple is able to successfully transfer data from the original device to the replacement device. You should keep a separate backup copy of the device data content, delete any personal information you want to protect, and disable security passwords. During service, data may be lost, replaced, or reformatted. In such a case, Apple and its agents are not responsible for any loss of software, data or other information contained on the device. 1.5 Changes to Service Options. Apple reserves the right to change the service options available at any time. To the fullest extent permitted by law, all service orders received from residents of Canada will be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario without its conflict of laws rules.

Customers in Quebec are subject to that province`s consumer protection laws. b) A purchaser of this product in California has the right to have this product repaired and repaired within the warranty period. The warranty period is extended by the number of full days when the product was not in the hands of the buyer for warranty repairs. If there is a defect during the warranty period, the warranty does not expire until the defect has been corrected. The warranty period is also extended if the warranty repairs have not been made due to delays caused by circumstances beyond the control of the buyer or if the warranty repairs have not remedied the defect and the buyer informs the manufacturer or seller of the failure of the repairs within 60 days of the completion of the repairs. If the defect has not been corrected after a reasonable number of attempts, the buyer may return this product for a replacement or refund, provided that a reasonable use fee is deducted in both cases. The extension of the time limit does not affect the protection or legal remedies available to the buyer under other laws. 1.3 Parts and Works. Apple can provide both parts and labor, but may order that you replace some easily installable parts yourself, as described below.

When servicing your product, Apple may use new or refurbished parts or products that are equivalent to new ones in terms of performance and reliability. Apple retains ownership of the replaced part or product that is replaced during service, and the replacement part or product becomes your property. Replaced parts and products are usually repairable and are exchanged or repaired for value by Apple. If applicable law requires Apple to return a replaced item to you, you agree to pay Apple the retail costs of the replacement item and shipping. Details of the policies, terms, and conditions for purchasing, supporting, and maintaining your Apple products. 1.2 Data Transmission Services. If your Apple Mac product is able to store software, data, or other information (“Data”), Apple may attempt to transfer that data to a replacement device. During the service, it is possible that data may be lost. In such a case, Apple is not responsible for the loss of data. 12. You agree and understand that it is necessary for Apple to collect, process and use your personal data in order to provide services under these Terms. Apple will protect your information in accordance with the Apple Customer Privacy Policy, available at url

These Terms and Conditions govern the service of your product by Apple Retail UK Limited (“Apple”). Apple may limit the Service to one (1) product per customer when you visit the Apple Store. If your product is repaired in accordance with the Apple Warranty, an Extended Service Agreement, or consumer protection law, these Terms will apply to the extent that they do not limit your rights under the Apple Warranty, Extended Service Agreement, or applicable law. 1.11.3 Abandoned Property. Unless you provide further instructions, Apple will send your repaired or replacement product to the mailing address you provided when authorizing the Service. If your product is returned to Apple because delivery to the specified address could not be made, Apple will attempt to contact you to obtain a different mailing address. If you do not provide an address to which Apple or its agent may deliver your Product within sixty (60) days of the initial delivery attempt (see the Variations by Country sections below, for all applicable exceptions), Apple will notify you that Apple will consider your Product cancelled. Apple will send a notification to the mailing address you provided when you authorized the service. In the event that your product is discontinued, Apple may dispose of your product in accordance with applicable legal requirements and, in particular, sell your product in a private or public sale to pay for the overdue services. Apple reserves its legal and other statutory privileges for unpaid fees.

1.11.5 Apple recommends that you review the service order status information at Before purchasing software or hardware products from Apple, you may read the terms of Apple`s Software License Agreements for End Users. 5.11 International Products/Services. Apple provides access to Apple`s international data and may therefore contain references or references to Apple products, programs and services that are not advertised in your country. Such reference does not imply that Apple intends to advertise such products, programs or services in your country. 2.2 Payment Methods. Apple allows you to make purchases or orders (which require a warranty to return the replaced part or product) by credit card, debit card or credit card, provided that this is authorized and acceptable in the country where the Service is provided (except Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore) or any other method of payment agreed in advance, unless Apple has agreed to other credit terms. If you provide Apple with your card information, Apple will receive pre-approval from the card company for the order amount, which may result in a corresponding suspension of your available balance as long as the pre-approval remains in place. Apple will not charge your credit card and will not process any transactions under your debit or debit card until your order has been processed.

Apple may not be able to accept credit, debit, or debit cards associated with a billing address outside of the country page. Debit cards and credit cards may have daily spending limits that can significantly delay the processing of your order. Apple requires your card`s credit, debit, or credit card security code to protect against unauthorized use of your credit card by others. The security code is a single three- or four-digit number that is specific to your card and can be printed on the front of your card above the embossed account or on the back of your card on the signing field. 1.4 Service Options. Apple provides the Service through one of the following options and, depending on the circumstances, in particular depending on the type of Product Apple, chooses the type of service: For residents of Europe: Before entering into your contract with Apple, you will receive correct information about the main characteristics of the goods or services, as well as the price and shipping costs of the goods or services, including taxes. 1.1 Services. For service orders, Apple will retain your Apple product as described at the estimated fees indicated, unless such fees are changed with your prior verbal or written consent. .