Representative Agreement Template

5. Give the Agent 30 days` notice in case the Company wishes to terminate this Agreement. 7. Give the Company 30 days` notice if the agent intends to terminate this Agreement. This Agreement is binding on the parties and their successors and assigns. 5. Inform the sales manager if they represent or plan to represent another company. Under no circumstances may the sales representative represent a competitive business or product line within or outside the designated sales territory. 8. Immediately return all materials and samples provided by the Company to the agent if either party terminates this Agreement.

6. Pay agent commissions for sales of existing customers for a period of ____ (_) months after either party terminates this Agreement. Agreement between _________. 3. Send all leads and orders to the company immediately. 2. Accurately describe and specify company policies for all potential and current customers. 1. Representation and sale of the [check all applicable conditions:] ___ 2. Before selling, negotiate the percentage of commission to be paid on all orders that the company grants a volume discount or other commercial concession. . 4.

Inform the sales manager of any issues affecting the company`s customers in the sales territory. 3. Provide the sales representative with appropriate quantities of business cards, brochures, catalogues and all product samples necessary for sales purposes. (a) ________ percent of all prepaid sales, except as shown below. (b) ______ per cent of all loan sales, except as shown below. 6. Maintain contact with the Company by telephone, e-mail or any other agreed means of communication with a reasonable frequency to discuss sales activities in the territory. 1. Pay the following commissions to the sales representative:. . .