Sample of Strategic Alliance Agreement

All materials and ownership contained in this Agreement remain the intellectual property of the relevant party making such items. In the event of replacement of any term of this Agreement, all other terms shall remain in full force and effect and shall not be subject to change. This section explains that the two parties have agreed to enter into a partnership agreement and strategic alliances. You can also specify the following terms for the partnership: Make sure the strategic alliance agreement is clearly worded and write shorter sentences. A strategic alliance agreement is an agreement between two different independent companies that come together to share their resources, core competencies and capabilities for their mutually beneficial project. Mention the necessary measures taken to provide the services of both partners. You can also mention which services will be included in the strategic alliance agreement so that the two companies involved are on the same page. For example, you can specify services as follows: This alliance is more informal than a joint venture agreement where two companies agree to work together to create a new company that is jointly pursuing a project to promote their common business interests. With a strategic alliance, the parties will work together without jointly creating a new company. This alliance is also different from a cooperation agreement in which two companies acquire equity or investments in the activities of the other company as part of the cooperation. Although they do not completely start a new business, the parties have a stake in each other`s business.

By using a strategic alliance agreement without equity, the parties agree to cooperate, but have no stake in each other`s businesses. This type of agreement is both the most informal and the most common of the above business partnerships. PandaTip: Strategic alliances require both parties to be able to communicate quickly and make decisions. In this section of the submission, both parties must designate a person who is able to act on their behalf in matters related to the Strategic Alliance. Revv`s carefully designed templates are suitable for all business needs. You can now design your contract and customize it to suit your business. These templates eliminate the hassle of creating the deal from scratch. If there is any liability of either party to the other arising out of this Agreement or in any way related to this Agreement, each party`s aggregate liability for all damages, losses and causes of action, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, shall not exceed, jointly and severally, the total amounts that the plaintiff cannot pay to the liable party for 12 years were paid immediately before the date on which the act or omission giving rise to the claim occurred. Each party acknowledges that the other party is not an insurer; that payments made under this Agreement are based solely on the value of the Services and are not sufficient to ensure that any risk of consequential or other damages due to negligence or non-performance is assumed.

Due to the nature of the services to be provided, it is impossible and extremely difficult to remedy actual damages, if any, that may result (directly or otherwise) from negligence or non-performance under this Agreement. This limitation of liability reflects a division of risk between the parties with respect to the fees charged, does not constitute a penalty and is exclusive. The limitations of this Agreement apply despite the failure of the essential purpose of a Limited Warranty or Limited Remedy. A company can form a strategic alliance to expand into a new market, improve its product range or develop an advantage over a competitor. The agreement allows two companies to work towards a common goal that benefits both. Upon conclusion of this Agreement, all prior agreements between the parties in written or oral form shall be deemed null and void. Both parties acknowledge that during the term of this Agreement, they may become aware of information that is considered confidential or private. A strategic alliance agreement without equity is a document used by two individuals or companies that wish to join forces for a specific period of time to share resources, customers and/or services to promote their two business interests. This alliance allows the parties to work together to benefit more from their joint efforts than they could do alone.

The alliance often involves sharing technology, services, expenses, losses and, eventually, profits. By working together through a strategic alliance agreement without fairness, the parties can create a competitive advantage in the market over other companies in the same field. The commercial alliance agreement must contain the necessary clauses that both parties accept. This clarifies both companies before signing the agreement. Mention the confidentiality clause, which states that both parties agree to keep strictly confidential all information, documents, etc. related to this strategic alliance agreement. All information that must be provided to the other partner must take the form of written notice to avoid legal consequences. Revv`s e-signature feature helps you speed up the transaction process. This allows you to electronically sign the strategic alliance agreement in just a few clicks and turn it into a legally valid contract. This strategic alliance agreement is recognized and approved by both parties.

Both parties remain independent contractors for the entire strategic alliance agreement and have the rights and capabilities as such. .