What Is Tcc Company

We are flexible and adaptable. We dive into complex problems and research and apply ideas and solutions that are influenced by the people closest to the problems. We refine and develop our work on the basis of data of all kinds, continuously applying our results and sharing them with the field. Through our deep experience, creative thinking and practical wisdom, we work with a variety of organizations that drive social change. We are constantly learning, developing and applying innovative approaches while sharing with others who share our perspective on how change happens. We aim for the highest quality in everything we do, set the standard for the work of customers and apply the standards of cooperation. We provide strategy, capacity building, initiative design, strategic communication, management and evaluation to help clients do just that. As a mission-driven, B Corporation-certified consulting firm, TCC Group is committed to a more just and equitable society. Our conscious and collaborative approach integrates community voices into our work.

Well-rounded people are the best members of the team. We meet our clients and colleagues where they are and foster a flexible working environment. TCC Group began in 1980 when three Philadelphians working in a converted loft founded The Conservation Company. Today, our services are comprehensive, we serve a wide range of clients and our dynamic and diverse approaches are based on nearly four decades of experience. Our mission remains rooted in the same vision: an effective social sector where different stakeholders work together to solve complex problems. Nearly 40 years later, TCC Group is a mission-driven consulting firm based in New York City with an office in Philadelphia, as well as employees and subsidiaries across the country. We have over 40 professionals with different backgrounds who bring practical wisdom, integrity and intuition to their work every day, working with foundations, non-profit organizations, corporations and governments. People should be valued for who they are and for their unique abilities. Different perspectives enrich our work. Diversity makes us stronger.

We are actively involved in many organizations and associations and support and strengthen our commitment to professional development, knowledge sharing and collaboration. Faced with a major energy crisis – with heating oil prices reaching historic highs – the founders founded both a company that modernized materials to improve energy efficiency and a consulting firm focused on helping nonprofits cope with rising and complex energy costs. Over time, the work has evolved into organizational strategy and planning – with a continued expansion of services for nonprofits, foundations, and corporations. We work with our clients, with colleagues and together. Today`s complex problems require collaboration, as do our customers` strategic and operational requirements. .