Xcode Apple Developer Program License Agreement

Click the Revision Summary button above, read and accept the updated License Agreement To use Apple`s development tools and services or distribute software on Apple platforms, you must comply with the applicable terms in the following agreements and policies. Be sure to read the relevant terms carefully when designing and developing your software. However, when I go to deals, taxes, and banking, I see both free apps and paid app deals, but when I click on ads, I can`t accept anything. This is a pop-up window with a list of countries and a button at the end that says “Close”. And that`s it. No further action is possible. No other options, even under the Action column. Yes, I searched on the forum. No, I have nothing to accept in iTunes Connect (bank, contracts..) – there is always an active framework agreement. There is nothing to add.

I have a red banner in my account and I can verify the agreement. But there is nothing in the agreement or below to say, “Yes, I accept it” Every time they update their legal agreement, we have the same problem! If you were the one who agreed on the first day, then you`re stuck. You`ll have to wait a few days and then call support if they don`t resolve it automatically. Good luck! Please note that the English version of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement that you accept in your developer account is binding and up-to-date. Translations of the selected agreements may also be available within a reasonable time after the English versions have been updated. All translations are provided for your convenience. Ask questions and find answers from Apple engineers and other developers. I am trying to accept the agreement, but there is no clear way to do so. Where exactly do I navigate to accept the agreement? The only place I can find the agreements is your account/license agreements, but they are just a PDF file and there are no additional issues with it. The Changes button in iTunes Connect cannot be used.

Doesn`t appear here? (I accepted the agreement in the Member Center, but iTunes Connect still says I didn`t.) Very frustrating. And below, the “Msater Agreements” contracts are in effect and there are a few buttons like configure, edit, view and download links, but I can`t see a “I agree” button. and here itunespartner.apple.com/en/apps/faq/Users%20and%20Roles_Overview in the “Request changes” section, there would be a “Request” button. Just click on it, and then you will be directed to another screen where you will have to click on the checkbox and accept the agreement. There is an update button and when you click on it, you will see a new agreement that you need to accept. There you go. To accept this agreement, the user with the role of team agent must have already accepted the Apple Developer Program license agreement in the Members Center. When I sign in to my developer account, I receive a banner that says “The updated license agreement for the Apple Developer program needs to be reviewed. To update your existing apps and submit new apps to the App Store, the account holder must review and accept the updated agreement.

To update your existing apps and submit new apps to the App Store, the user with the Legal (Team Agent) role must review and accept the updated agreement in their account on the developer`s site. Agreements, taxes, and banking services check the schedule of paid apps. The Paid iOS App Calendar (“iOS Schedule 2”) and the Mac Paid App Agreement Calendar (“Mac Schedule 2”) have been combined into a single Schedule 2 that covers both programs, and custom B2B schedules (“Schedule 3”) for iOS and Mac have also been combined. To create new paid apps and in-app purchases and upload binaries to the App Store, the user with the Legal role must review and accept the schedule of paid apps (Appendix 2 of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement) in the Contracts, Taxes, and Banking module. Thank you for reporting this issue. This error often indicates that the program`s license agreement on the developer`s website has not been approved. Please ask the account holder to verify the latest agreement at developer.apple.com/account. If this has already been agreed or if no notification is displayed on this page, please let us know. Appendix D: It was clarified that paid advertising for an app in the App Store may be presented in an advertising space and marked as advertising content.

Clarification of developers who can file complaints in accordance with platform-specific regulations to the company specific to each country. Same here, support contacted. Ask yourself when they will respond. I hate the apple sometimes. Go back to your App Store Connect, Agreements, Taxes and Bank appstoreconnect.apple.com The problem is that I don`t know how to accept the agreements. Sign in to your Apple developer account developer.apple.com/account Submit bug reports and request enhancements to APIs and developer tools. “To create new apps and upload binaries to the iOS and Mac App Store, the user with the role of team agent must view and accept this agreement in the Member Area.” That`s crazy. I just wanted to update my app, but I have to accept the Apple Developer Program license agreement: has anyone already found a solution for this? I`m in the dark and Apple support was useless.